OrKIDstra: Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf - OrKIDstra

OrKIDstra is the perfect field trip opportunity for classroom teachers and helps supplement Common Core Curriculum Standards for ELA Standard 10. Peter and the Wolf is a multi-disciplinary performance, including music (symphony), dance (ballet), visual art (costumes), and storytelling (folklore, poetry, and social studies)

We’ll provide a learning guide two weeks before the performance. With the guide, students will be able to identify the instruments and characters they’ll meet on stage. During the concert, children will learn audience etiquette and many experience what it means to listen to a live concert for the first time. Afterward, students can use the writing prompts to discuss what they learned and explore how the themes of Peter and the Wolf compare to their every day lives.

Additionally, this year there will be an interactive instrument petting zoo provided by Classic King FM. It’s the perfect opportunity for students to hear and play a variety of instruments!

Take a look at our Just for Kids and Teens page to read about and hear the different instruments of the orchestra, make your own instruments, and learn about different composers.

Concert details can be found on the calendar page. Call the symphony office 360.373.1722 or e-mail info@bremertonsymphony.org to reserve tickets today!